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    I’m trying to do a local release build for an Android app. I’m able to build it successfully in debug mode. But when I attempt in release mode I get the following popup message.

    <An error occured during Android build. Error 1>

    I don’t see any error in the console. This error message doesn’t really help. The only file I see being generated is <android-release-unsigned.apk> in the /platforms/android/build/outputs/apk> directory. I’ve tried clean build (on/off) same results.

    Seems the error message occurs after…
    Total time: 23.587 secs
    Built the following apk(s):
    Executing “after_compile” hook for all plugins.
    Executing “after_build” hook for all plugins.
    completed ‘cordova build android –release –verbose’
    signing application

    I’m running MyEclipse 2015 CI13

    Any clues? Is there additional logs that I can look in for more detail.

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    Pascal Curdy


    Maybe you should check/recreate a certificate for release build.
    As for myself, I have two distinct certificates, one debug certificate and one that I use for release build.

    Depending on the type of build (local or remote), check that you have all the plugins loaded on your machine (mandatory when you perform local build).

    That’s all I can say with the given information.

    Hope it helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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