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    Wanted to pass along possible bugs effecting codemix. Not sure if they are plugin specific or due to the plugin themselves (if you know the best way to determine that, let me know!)

    1) Selecting a word in the editor does not highlight the same words (like find does). Was used to this feature in the original javascript editor. Seems to be missing.
    2) Cursor focus jumping around a lot when formatting, moving from editor to editor (copy + pasting). Sometimes the whole file refreshes, sometimes it jumps back up to the original cursor location when the file was opened. Annoying.
    3) Copy+Paste doesn’t work well. I have two JS editors open. Set focus in editor one at a spot where I want to paste something from editor two. Click over to editor two, select the text, ctrl+c. Click back to editor one, paste. In nearly all cases, the previously copied text is pasted instead of what I thought I had just copied. In addition, sometimes the cursor jumps to other lines before paste (seems related to when a formatter runs on save and is taking a while to complete). I’ve had to adjust by hitting ctrl+c twice in the 2nd editor, then switching back, although sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to re-select the text and then ctrl+c twice.
    4) Clearing errors after eslint runs. I have a JS file where eslint runs on save. I make some changes to the file, but leave out a closing ) or } before saving. I make the change, re-save. The error reported for the missing ) or } (or even just another error) remains and will never go away without re-opening and closing the editor. Annoying only, and I adjusted by just knowing the error is wrong. I close/reopen the files just before I think I’m done with the work to clear out the bogus errors. Fixing that would be awesome help.
    5) Editing user configurations – many times when I open the user configuration JSON file it opens in the json editor, but is not editable and receives no formatting. I’ve had to edit this file outside of eclipse. This used to work, and I’m not sure why it no longer does.

    Small enhancement request:
    Allow me to use the refresh button in the Extension Manager without having to enable/disable an extension. I use that a lot when playing with configurations and/or debugging a problem in a plugin (like missing configurations or NPM installs).

    Otherwise – thanks again for the awesome plugin. My colleagues over the last few years had been migrating to VS code from InteliJ (and especially from eclipse, which had poor JS support at the time). However, I work full stack and hate switching between IDE’s (and really do not appreciate the high cost of InteliJ). When this plugin hit – it was like a gift to solve a full stack engineer’s real problems when using IDEs. Awesome job.

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    Wojciech Galanciak

    Hi Jason,

    My name is Wojtek and I am a CodeMix Product Lead. I am really happy to hear that we fulfilled the gap in your devenv with CodeMix. I also see, that you have explored the tool and found several interesting issues and areas for improvement. I will go through all of them one by one:

    1) CodeMix supports occurrences highlighting for different types of symbols (method, function, variable, etc.). It means that, e.g. if you have a variable with the same name in several places in your code, CodeMix will highlight the actual occurrences of this exact one which is selected instead of all of them.

    2) Do you have formatting on save enabled? I assume that it is for JS but have you observed the same issue for any other type of file? I have had one more report of similar issue for JS files already but it seems to be very random and hard to reproduce. Have you noticed any pattern, e.g. that it occurs only for specific files?

    3) This is something that we need to check but seems to be very annoying.

    4) How do you configured eslint on save action? Does the issue occurs only for eslint or you have noticed it also for regular (syntax) validation?

    5) Is it specific to a configuration file or randomly happen to all of them (workspace, user or workspace settings)?

    Again, thank you for a very detailed feedback. We will keep you up-to-date with a progress on all reported issues. Thanks also for a small enhancement suggestion. We will take it into consideration for further releases.

    Kind regards,
    Wojciech Galanciak
    Application Development Manager

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    Hi Wojciech,

    Sorry took so long to reply but here is some additional information.

    2) I do have formatting on save enabled. I see it most often when I enable the esformatter plugin (https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=howardzuo.vscode-esformatter). With that plugin disabled, whole page refresh haven’t happened much at all. As far as the cursor jumping, I see this every time when performing a copy+paste from one JS file to another JS file (note that I have the two editors open side-by-side in eclipse). #3 is the details on how to reproduce.

    4) Yes, eslint is enabled on save. I do not recall seeing this problem with any other plugin, so yes feels very eslint specific.

    5) Majority of the time it is with the user settings. However, right now both the user and workspace settings open up but are un-editable in eclipse.

    I have tried a full-reset (as best as I could) by uninstalling codemix, installing into eclipse (Spring Source Tool suite in the latest case), clearing out the user settings in the windows users/<username>/.codemix folder. I even removed visual studio code to make sure it wasn’t conflicting (at the time, you hadn’t added the .codemix-store ability). The end result was the same, user settings not editable.

    Today I actually added a tasks.json file to the webapp root folder and encountered odd behavior there too. It took a great while for the tasks.json file to create, and after creation it too was un-editable. I eventually restarted eclipse and the file is editable now.

    Note that the tasks.json problem might be due a problem I start to see after long-running eclipse sessions (going the whole day without restarting eclipse, including lots of edits, lots of saves, lots of debugging – including java debugging). After long session, I eventually start see linting and formatting (on save) start to bog down to a crawl and eventually will require an eclipse restart to fix it. When I added the tasks.json file, it was towards the end of the day where the bog down will tend to occur).

    Thanks again for the awesome tool! I’ll try and reply faster in the future.

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