Possible error in Roadmap?

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    The roadmap page has the following text:
    (Revised 12/30/05)

    Unless I am mistaken it should read
    (Revised 12/30/04)

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    Riyad Kalla

    Good catch, thanks.

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    As long as we’re on the topic, on the raodmap page 3.8.2 is listed twice, once at the bottom of the 3.8.1 section (lower left) and once again in it’s own section in the lower right, where it’s describing the features of release 3.8.3.

    And 3.9 is now missing. I think we would still like to know what’s coming down the road and (at least approximately) when, otherwise, what good is a roadmap … we already know where we’ve been. A map should tell you where you are going.


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    Riyad Kalla

    You have good points, we tend to get side tracked by development efforts and shy away from updating the roadmap. I am going to send this to the management team and let them know people are getting antsy about it.

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    Gerrit Cap

    Just another roadmap question:

    there are beta pre-releases mentioned, but where does one get access to beta releases ? I would be eager to try any version that works (mùore or less) with eclipse 3.1


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    Riyad Kalla

    You need to be part of our QA team. Anyone is welcome, but in order to join we need you to understand that we:
    a) Really do expect you to test it, some people have joined the QA team just to try new software and didn’t give good reports of testing results and their experience which is not what we want/need.
    b) Do you work in an environment where you would be able to work with a buggy build or deal with any issues if Eclipse failed to start and totally barfed on you? Some people think betas are pretty easy, sometimes they can really blow up.
    c) What is your usage type? Are you a java dev? Web dev? EJB dev? etc…
    d) You need to be a subscribed member.
    e) What is your reason for joining? (be detailed please)

    Please PM me answers and what interest you have in joining the QA team if you are still interested.

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    otherwise, what good is a roadmap … we already know where we’ve been. A map should tell you where you are going.

    How eloquent!

    To ME folks. Although I find a roadmap useful, my primary concern at the moment is knowing if any of the ME directory structures will change.
    Please advise (if not at the moment,as an important part of the roadmap) if the current directory methodology, and equeally important the ear methodology with a different project per ejb, war, and ear will change. If so, how.
    This info is important to me because I’m investing time in Ant scripts to add addional functionality.


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    Riyad Kalla

    If you are referring to our flexible project structure, that *will* change in a future release. I doubt it will be in 3.9, probably more like 4.0. Keep in mind that if you had a project structure that works with MyEclipse now, it will continue to work well in the future. If you have a very complex structure now and *hope* it will work in the future, there are no garuntees, so creating Ant scripts is always a good idea as a backup plan so you have something.

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    Thanks for the scoop.

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    @packardbio wrote:

    …. otherwise, what good is a roadmap … we already know where we’ve been. A map should tell you where you are going.

    It’s been 3 weeks since the post of an updated Roadmap was going to management…. I guess we know where that’s going.

    To be honest, since the Road Map has <b>NEVER</b> been very accurate, I’d just assume you took the link off the site. It would keep me from getting my hopes up when I click on it. Which I usually do when I see a progress bar saying 3.x is xx% complete.

    I’d really like to know what 3.9 will/might include.

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    Riyad Kalla

    I’d really like to know what 3.9 will/might include.

    Maher posted here with some details on what is comming: https://www.genuitec.com/forums/topic/what-is-eclipse-wtp-competing-to-myeclipse/&highlight=

    We are shooting for a end-of-march release for 3.9 and are trying to get it ready for EclipseCon (end of this month) that’s why we are ignoring the Roadmap. These guys aren’t going home until 10 at night and I we work clear through the weekends trying to get 3.9 ready.

    That said, we realize not updating the roadmap on top sucks because you guys don’t know what is going on, we hope that 6-week release cycles is a good indicator that we are “active as shit”, to put it subtlely, but for the people that it isn’t, hang in there.

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