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    Support Posting Guidelines

    Our central goal is to address your help request to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. But we need your help. Please review the problem report guide below and provide us as much info about your problem and environment as possible The more descriptive info you provide the quicker we can identify the problem and the help resolve it.

    Please read carefully and include the following:

    0) version of MobiOne installed, e.g., 2.0.0, 1.5.0,…
    – you can find the version by selecting Design Center > Help > About

    1) Windows OS version (XP, Vista, Win7) if MobiOne software problem

    2) if MobiOne installation problem please include install directory and if your user privileges, e.g., administrator, guest, …
    – if your MobiOne installation is goofed after an update please uninstall, reinstall, and eval

    3) description of the problem and if you can reproduce it consistently. Include a step by step description for how we can reproduce it is always appreciated

    4) screenshot(s) if the problem can be observed through the UI or your app

    5) MobiOne log file, located at <user-home>/.mobione/runtime/.metadata/.log if MobiOne software problem

    6) If your native iOS or Android app is goofed please provide:
    a) Did AppCenter complete successfully and return an application (.ipa file), (Yes, No)
    b) If No and an error log was returned please include it
    c) If your app will not install or runs incorrectly include:
    – device model, examples: iphone4s, ipad 2, nexus S, … (required)
    – Device OS version (required)
    – Size of your ipa or apk file if one was built but will not run
    – For installation failures include installation method (over-the-air, iTunes, Play both) and any other input data that may impact the result

    7) Data files such as design files (*.mobi) that may be the source of the problem

    8) Any other info that you feel will be helpful in resolving your problem quickly


    Octavio, Wayne, Vadim, and Lonnie
    The Genuitec Mobile Team

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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