Problem with Hibernate Tutorial part II

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    as follow own to http://www.myeclipseide.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-29639-sid-dee7ed6d75733436af5d2ad9d90d39c9.html
    I now run in a problem, when running my hibernate app with the following exception:

    22.02.2013 13:18:39 org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration addResource
    INFO: HHH000221: Reading mappings from resource: com/myeclipse/hibernate/Counter.hbm.xml
    %%%% Error Creating SessionFactory %%%%
    org.hibernate.InvalidMappingException: Unable to read XML
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspat org.hibernate.internal.util.xml.MappingReader.readMappingDocument(MappingReader.java:109)
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspat org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.add(Configuration.java:478)
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspat org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.add(Configuration.java:474)
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspat org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.add(Configuration.java:647)
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspat org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.addResource(Configuration.java:730)
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspat org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.parseMappingElement(Configuration.java:2109)

    Which XML is missing?

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    Can you please remove the extra space (if there) at the end of the DTDs and check if you can still replicate the issue ?. Open all xml files in your project, remove the extra space at the end of DTDs in all the files.

    For more information can you please check this :

    Let us know how it works for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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