Reverse engineer XSD from XML

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    John Hamilton

    I use hand coded XML to store data when I can’t be bothered to set up MySQL: it is handy when I want to share data between Java and Javascript, for example. It would be really neat if I could reverse engineer an XSD from the XML and then start using tools to build Java to handle it. I’m sure there’s a tool to get an XSD (or even a DTD) from XML somewhere but finding it is beyond me. And, since you ask, I find writing XML easy and writing XSD hard: no idea why.
    Hints anyone ?

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    hamiljf ,

    We do not provide intrinsic support to third party plugins. We will try to assist you for this case. There are tools to generate XSD from XML. Take a look at this link :

    If you can find a tool which can be installed as a plugin to Eclipse, you can try installing the same to MyEclipse and check if it works.Ex : Eclipse plugin :

    Make sure the plugin version is compatible with base Eclipse version of MyEclipse.

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