Save As and Save All problems

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    I just downloaded and tested the M6 version and I think it has great potential. I created about 10 designs, closed it out yesterday using “Save All” and was very surprised this morning when I lost basically 8 out of 10 designs… they were all overwritten by the 2 remaining designs…

    So today I restarted the work, then saved each file individually and got the same problem… the new changes didn’t save…

    I understand it’s in development so no problem, I created a new directory and saved the files there, until I noticed that sometimes it saves nothing at all… sometimes file 4 is overwritten by file 6, seemingly at random…

    Just giving you the feedback and let me know if you need beta testers… I’ve been programming for more than 15 years so I can help if need be…

    It’s a very exciting product and I can’t wait until I can start using it for developments, the sooner the better…


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    Thanks for the notice. I’m sorry about your lost work. That stinks… ūüôĀ We are testing milestone-7 and I’ll make sure we give that scenario a good review. Look for milestone-7 early next week.

    Genuitec Mobile Team
    twitter: wayne_parrott

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    I confirmed the save problem you identified. We are digging in to solve it asap. Thanks for the notice.


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    Since MobiOne 1.0M3 will expire on Oct 1, would the next release be available by then?

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    Version 1 has been replaced. The latest version is: 2.6.2

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