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    Suggestion to fix issues with the stored settings for the app builder:

    1. More than a few times I have “lost” my stored settings for building my apps, which requires the relinking all icons, startup images, certificates, and profiles.

    2. Other times, my stored settings have been “replaced” by the settings of my other apps (i.e., icons and startup images from app#1 are used for app#2).

    3. I also experience the issue of the 72×72 app icon setting not saving correctly for iOS and Android.

    4. I have also experienced issues where I could no longer add startup images to my build, thus requiring me to move my entire project to another folder and start fresh.

    My suggestion: Please add “Save” and “Load” buttons to the build screen where the settings for the build can be saved to an external file and then reloaded by the user when/if necessary.

    Thank you for such a great product.

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    Hi Code A,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have opened an enhancement request for this great idea.

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