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    Service Release 1 for SDC 2014 is now available and with its release complex team setups are a breeze to manage. SR1 introduces Advanced Team Delegation into the SDC tool suite. Now teams have the flexibility to customize team-specific settings while Admins keep central control.

    Admins can now create base packages that are customizable at the team level. Admins can use that base package to make secondary packages for each team. This gives Admins the ability to centrally manage many packages at once. Additionally, it gives Admins the power to enforce or rollout critical changes across the board (while not breaking current IDE set ups).

    Through the Delegation Policy admins can now specify the level of access a Team Lead has to configuration and runtime settings. Using simple toggles, Admins can restrict or give as much freedom to Team Leads as they choose. This helps teams get what they need without disrupting compliance standards.

    Advanced Team Delegation gives teams their own customizable packages. Whether you have 3 teams or 300, you’ll always know what tools are in play and for which team. You’ll always be able to push critical updates across your enterprise. You can rest in the knowledge that there are no rogue tools, plugins and software causing security breaches.
    Ready for your team bliss?

    Download SDC 2014 SR1 to start simplifying your complex team setup with Advanced Team Delegation.

    Best Regards.
    The SDC Team.

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