Searching file content using eclipse search doesn't find any results

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    I’ve installed the WebClipese plugin to my Eclipse Oxygen. I’ve noticed that if I try to use Eclipse file search for values in my Angular projects, I get no results found every time. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

    Searching my regular java projects still works fine.


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    Brian Fernandes


    What file types would contain the content you are looking for (TS, HTML, CSS?).

    Two things to check:
    1) The Eclipse search, by default, skips derived resources. In Angular projects, the node_modules folder for instance, is one such derived folder, which the search would normally skip.

    Check the Derived resources checkbox in the search wizard, and see if that gets you the results you were looking for. If it does, you may want to change the derived setting of the folder (Project properties > Resource and look at the Attributes section).

    Do let us know if this works, so we can determine if a folder was incorrectly marked derived.

    2) A bit obvious, but please ensure the “Scope” of the search is correctly set.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the advice. I figured out my problem. I sometimes use working sets to search, instead of searching the entire workspace.

    I needed to add the Angular project working set as (javascript). I had previously added it as (java)

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