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    We are pleased to announce the release of SDC 2013 SR2! The SR2 release of SDC 2013 includes many exciting new features, as listed below. If you would like to dive in to SDC 2013 SR2, download it off of our download page at: http://genuitec.com/sdc/download_all.php

    Some of the awesome features in SDC 2013 SR2 include:

    RCP Done Right – It is now even easier to deliver your own RCP, or your favorite custom Eclipse application. Automatic discovery, packaging aides, easy updates, and advanced delivery make your RCP really fly.
    Crazy Networks – Got headaches with network security? SDC now lets you segment your network, use advanced security configurations, and flex to all those obscure requests from the firewall team!
    Workspaces on Steroids – You do hard things. With SDC, you can now setup even more advanced workspace configurations with configuring Git repositories, target platform setup, and richer auxiliary file delivery.
    Updates Controlled – Do you want updates on Eclipse start-up? Is a restart needed after each update? Do you want to control advanced updates using our new APIs? More toggles in SDC put more control in your hands.
    Continuous Delivery – Building your own plugins? Use the new Ant tasks to automate pack installation, library updating, and even changes to your packages. SDC, now with even more continuous integration awesomeness.
    Kepler Foundation – Kepler has many exciting improvements from better performance, to support for HttpClient 4. SDC now has the foundation in place to support all the awesomeness that is about to come. Want early access to a Kepler pack? Ask in the forums!

    We look forward to hearing about how SDC 2013 SR2 works in your organization!

    The SDC Team

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