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    We are pleased to announce the release of SDC 2013 SR3! The SR3 release of SDC 2013 is a service release aimed to maintain and fix current features of SDC. If you would like to dive in to SDC 2013 SR3, download it off of our download page at: http://genuitec.com/sdc/download_all.php

    Some of the enhancements included in SDC 2013 SR3 are:

    Better support for 4.3.X RCP Applications – IEclipse 4.3 introduced additional properties used in the export of Eclipse products. SDC 2013 SR3 now automatically detects and provisions RCP applications regardless of whether they were created in older Eclipse versions or with the latest Eclipse 4.3.x releases. In addition, the On Demand capabilities in SR3 are more robust when deploying into a 4.3 RCP, correctly mapping in the right versions of plug-ins based on interdependencies.

    RAD On Demand Support – SDC 2013 SR3 is now able to deliver security, pre-installation of software components, workspace provisioning, and software catalogs to Rational & IBM software including Rational Application Developer (RAD) installations. By enabling provisioning into existing RAD desktop installations, you can empower your organization to benefit from SDC without requiring reinstallation of your RAD desktops. Visit http://info.genuitec.com/rad-on-sdc to learn more.

    Demise of the Java Applet – Java Applets were historically used in the web portal by default to provide a seamless installation flow. With the onset of a series of security vulnerabilities in the Java Applet technology, many browsers are either disabling applets by default or severely limiting their usage. While SDC has been updated to the latest recommendations to ensure correct signing, SDC now ships with web installation flows turned off by default. This avoids users receiving notifications that applets may be insecure. If you want to turn on applet support in a new installation of SDC, simply re-enable the option on the Access Policy page of the Admin Console.

    We look forward to hearing about how SDC 2013 SR3 improves your current usage of SDC!

    The SDC Team

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