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    We are glad to announce you the release of our latest version SDC 2013 SR4, which includes two new features.

    The method for obtaining and installing software packs has improved, and new support has been added for architecture-specific arguments in Environmental policies. If you want to try it right now, go ahead, it’s available on the download page https://www.genuitec.com/sdc/download_all.php

    New and Noteworthy in SR4:

    You can get software packs directly from the Admin Console!

    Getting updated software packs is now much more streamlined – no more downloading and running installer files manually! You can easily access and install packs from the Admin Console. Use either the installing packs link on the dashboard, or the Get Packs button found on any Secure Packages or Software Collections page.

    Either access method opens the Get Packs window so you can add more software to your SDC deployment. With this mechanism, you aren’t required to have administrator access to your SDC delivery hub machine to install new software packs. Simply click to install directly into the SDC delivery hub! Click the Install button to install a new software pack. Items already installed are indicated with a disabled Installed button. If you don’t already have a license for a pack, you are automatically given a trial of the product.

    Support for architecture-specific environmental policy arguments.

    You can now include architecture-specific arguments in Environmental policies. Adding an argument prefix of (x86) or (x86_64) allows you to target installations on 32-bit or 64-bit architectures, respectively.

    We look forward to hearing about how SDC 2013 SR4 improves your current usage of SDC!

    Best regards,
    the SDC Team.

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