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    We’ve focused on making SDC provisioning more stable while at the same time giving Administrators more control.

    Advanced Update Site Import Features

    You can now group ALL of the features you import from an update site under one Software so that it’s easy to use a large number of features from a site in your package.

    Additionally, extension locations can now be imported via the Import Third-Party Update Site wizard. Simply give a file:// URL to the directory and SDC will do the rest.

    Improved Team Packages

    More and more customers are using team packages to support their ever growing development teams. We’ve improved the team package support to make it more stable and user friendly.

    Now there is even less friction when supporting and on-ramping large teams!

    Squashed Bugs of Note

    Fixed rare case where ordering of workspace tasks was not respected
    Improved switching of JDKs when updating packages
    Non-root upgrades are now supported on Linux
    Improved the logic that determined if packs and third party libraries can be deleted

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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