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    SDC 2017 is based on Neon and has many exciting updates. The web portal has an updated look and allows you to make basic edits to packages without the need for the admin console. The admin console also has a new look and allows you to apply this improved flat design to your installers if you choose. Also included in this release: new options for handling invalid SSL certificates, support for HiDPI in the Admin Console, Linux Dark Theme and improved support for installed JRE configurations.
    Based on Eclipse Neon

    SDC 2017 is now based on Eclipse Neon. All installers will now require Java 1.8 to run.

    Modern Web Portal

    The web portal has been updated with a modern look and feel and now includes basic package editing capabilities along with a handy text search that supports wildcards. There are also a number of usage metrics you can view as a system administrator or a user with portal access rights and you can optionally allow public access to package metrics. See Administering Packages from the Web Portal for more information.

    Note: If you prefer not to use the new portal, we allow you to switch to the old portal. See Switching to the Legacy Portal for more information.

    Flat Design for Admin Console and Installers

    The Admin Console has a new and improved flat design. You can also choose to use this new flat design for your installers by updating the branding for an access policy. See Configuring an Access Policy for more information on customizing the appearance of your installer.

    Permission Prompt for Invalid SSL Certificates

    If you attempt to access a third party or proxy with an invalid SSL certificate, a window displays listing the invalid certificates and giving you the option to continue.

    Additional Updates

    Support for HiDPI in the Admin Console
    Support for Linux Dark Theme in the Admin Console
    Improved support for installed JRE configurations

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