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    SDC 2017 SR 1 now offers more delivery options, including delivery of our Webclipse and Darkest Dark plugins as well as our Angular IDE. You’ll also see improvements in Java Runtime management. This release is based on Neon 2 and includes a number of in-product improvements along with various improvements to the Admin Console.

    SDC Gets More IDEs!

    We are pleased to announce that SDC now allows secure delivery of the Darkest Dark and Webclipse plugins, as well as Angular IDE from the delivery hub. Add Webclipse to your existing Eclipse packages to provide numerous improvements for your teams!

    Better Java Runtime Management

    Improvements on Java Runtime configuration for uninstallers and installed packages — SDC 2017 SR 1 has significant improvements for Java runtime detection and configuration. In particular, with Neon’s requirement on Java 1.8, the installer flows are improved to ensure correct configuration and execution of the IDE. If you have an issue with an older release the installer repair flow is your friend.
    Now you can specify if a JRE can get downloaded if the system does not have one to run the installer, supported on Linux and Windows.

    Neon 2

    We have upgraded the base of SDC to Neon 2 to take advantage of a greater Eclipse base.

    Admin Console Improvements

    Admin Console now has web font icons, giving a fresh look and feel.
    Added a Remember me option to the Admin Console, with the ability to log out from it.
    Our portal now supports Internet Explorer 11 without compatibility mode.
    Better reporting when using “Get Packs”.

    In-Product Fixes

    Added a Preference Recorder, you can select this setting inside the Environmental Policy.
    Improvements over the “Update from base components” setting inside the Advanced Tab of the security policy, better behavior while trying to perform a bundled software.
    Fixes an issue on how the Dependency graph is calculated to allow upgrade of base components, making this feature less error prone.
    In-product fixes to support https proxies, from Helios to Neon.
    All the SDC artifacts are now signed with SHA1 to maintain compatibility with older JREs.

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