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    SDC 2017 SR2 now includes even more features designed to make your life easier, including the ability to import third-party software directly from Eclipse Marketplace and the ability to automatically check for updates to your imported third-party libraries. This release also includes a number of feature improvements and bug fixes.

    Import from Marketplace

    Sometimes it is difficult to find the URL to use when importing third-party software, now you can import a third-party library from Eclipse Marketplace. You can search for any software that is exposed through Eclipse Marketplace, similar to how you look for software inside Eclipse. You can search for software by name or filter by categories. Importing software this way will also bring some of the branding of the Marketplace software to your Admin Console.

    Checking for Updates to Third-Party Libraries

    The Admin Console now has the ability to automatically check for updates to your third-party libraries. You can disable the library update check per library or globally. You also have the ability to configure proxy for the library update check.

    Miscellaneous Fixes

    – Improved server startup time
    – Fast load of portal, no external resources
    – Better handling of Eclipse base upgrade at in-product update
    – On “Get Pack” failure we now offer manual download
    – Allow Portal Package edit for group admins
    – Old portal URL will now get to use the new Portal

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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