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    I’m using the following MyEclipse Version

    Version: CI 2019.4.0
    Build id: 16.0.0-20190403

    and it works together with a Websphere traditional server version

    But since I’ve upgraded the application server to version the status of the server is not updated and I find lots of SSL handshake errors in the server log.

    I tried switching fomr IPC to SOAP protocol without luck. And I tried to change the SSL settings within the WAS under “Security > SSL certificate and key management > SSL configurations > NodeDefaultSSLSettings > Quality of protection.” But I didn’t found a working setting.

    Do you guys have any hint about this?


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    Brian Fernandes


    I believe you’re hitting a known issue with WAS 9.0.5 and above. We’ve got this fixed for an upcoming MyEclipse release, but you can follow these steps to apply the fix immediately.

    1) Shut down MyEclipse
    2) Download this updated plugin which has the fix.
    3) In your MyEclipse installation’s plugins folder, you will find a file with the same name. Make a backup of this file, and replace it with the file downloaded.
    4) Start MyEclipse.

    Please let us know if this fixes the issue you are experiencing, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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    Hello Brian,

    thanks a lot for the quick reply and the provided fix. This resolves my issue completly! 🙂

    Thx again and regards

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    Brian Fernandes


    Glad it worked, thank you for letting us know!

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