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    still a great product. I am using a recent version of CodeMix (apparently 3.6.0?-something) with Eclipse 2020-09. It works most of the time as it should.

    However: when I first create an Angular project (using the GUI), it is supposed to do the following:
    npm install --save-dev angular-ide

    It apparently does that, because I am able to start the server as expected.

    Now.. when I close Eclipse and re-open it, it seems to have “forgotten” that command and the start up seems to not result in a new Terminal+ shell with the output. To fix this, I had to open such a shell for this Angular project by hand and write the following command:
    npm install --save-dev --global angular-ide

    I am not sure whether --global has any effect, especially since I do not have any NPM or NodeJS installed outside of what CodeMix does (i.e. none of them available outside, globally). But after writing that command and restarting Eclipse, the server starts up properly again.

    Do you have an idea why this happens?

    Since I fixed it, it’s not a problem to me anymore, but I’d consider this to be a bug.

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    Sorry that you are seeing this issue. I could not replicate it at my end.
    This command : npm install --save-dev angular-ide adds angular-ide dependency to the project when the project is created. You dont have to execute the command again when the project runs.

    1. Can you please clarify if you are seeing any specific errors post Eclipse restart when you try to start the server from the Servers view?
    When the Terminal+ does not open, what status do you see for the angular server in the Servers view?

    2. Do you see the problem consistently post restart in the current workspace? If yes, then clear the .log file located at workspace dir/.metadata/.log, replicate the problem (dont open the terminal+ tab manually) and share the .log file with us for further investigation. Rename the extension to .txt and attach it here.

    3. Can you please check if you see the same problem in a new workspace as well?

    4. Please share the OS and version details along with details of any third party plugins installed.

    We have some known compatibility issues with Eclipse 2020-09. While the problem you reported does not look like a compatibility issue, if possible please give this suggestion a try and see if it helps.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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