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    I think that you need more details of the supported versions of eclipse that the EA2 release supports.

    I have tried to install the EA2 release on the following eclipse versions UNSUCCESSFULLY

    * 3.0 Stream Stable Build M1 Thu, 5 Jun 2003 — 17:37 (-0400 )

    * 2.1.1 Stream Maintenance Build RC2 Fri, 20 Jun 2003 — 14:33 (-0400)

    I have managed to get it running on the Eclipse 2.1 release version

    * 2.1 Thu, 27 Mar 2003 — 21:30 (-0500)

    In your FAQ, you state :


    2.0 b) For version 2.0.1 and later: …..

    I suggest that this is altered to notify users that versions after 2.1 aren’t supported (not even the bug fix release 2.1.1)

    Other than that, this is a great product, and I will certainly be investing in it when it is released.

    I do suggest that you

    * add support for the later eclipse release
    * add an eclipse version check into the installer.


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    Scott Anderson


    Sorry for the confusion. All builds in the Eclipse 3.0 build stream are completely untested products, from our perspective. MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench will always be available for the last RELEASE version of Eclipse, which in this case is 2.1. We will neither support, nor test on, integration, nightly, or otherwise in-progress builds in the build stream due to resource constraints and the costs we would incur if we supported every flavor of Eclipse builds. We just can’t afford to and keep the price of MyEclipse where it is.

    That said, based on the 3.0 roadmap we do know there will be some compatability issues on some of the upcoming 3.0 builds. We’ll be sure to have a MyEclipse 3.0 when 3.0 is stable and very close to shipping (next year), but right now we support Eclipse 2.1.

    In your FAQ, you state :
    http://www.myeclipseide.com/modules.php … arent_id=4
    2.0 b) For version 2.0.1 and later: …..

    Obviously we need to clean up the FAQ and need to state that those were MyEclipse versions, not Eclipse versions. When I reread it, I can see how you got easily confused. In fact, we’ll turn this “Eclipse Version” question into an FAQ, since I’ve had to answer it twice now.

    I do suggest that you add support for the later eclipse release

    When they hit the final Freeze builds, we will.

    add an eclipse version check into the installer.

    A very good idea. We’ll do that on the next one. Thanks for the suggestion.

    MyEclipse Support

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