SWT Errors on Linux CentOS 6.8+

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    We’ve seen some installations of MyEclipse on CentOS machines produce SWT errors on initial launch, followed by crashes during subsequent launches. Among others, we’ve seen the following exceptions in the MyEclipse error log:

    This issue may happen with MyEclipse 2016 and later releases.

    The only situation in which we’ve seen this is with a minimal CD installation of CentOS (6.8 or later). This install leaves out a critical package for eclipse, webkitgtk. To correct this, go to the Add/Remove Software application (under the System menu on CentOS 6.8), search for the webkitgtk package, select that package and then hit the Apply button to install it. Following this, you should be able to start MyEclipse without getting the SWT errors.

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