Third QuickFix for MyEclipse 3.8.1 is Available

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    Scott Anderson

    NOTE: This is an update to the original announcement. On 8/29/2004 we updated all of the full installers for all platforms and the update site to include all quick fixes. If you’re unsure, you can check to see if the fixes have already been applied by navigating to Window > Preferences > MyEclipse. The ID with the quickfixes installed will read 3.8.1+QF20040825. If you need to install the quickfixes manually, please see the instructions below.

    Please do *not* attempt to install it on any version of MyEclipse other than 3.8.1. Each quickfix is a cumulative patch, so you can install it one a base 3.8.1 installation or on an installation into which previous quick fixes are applied.

    This fix addresses the following problems that have been reported on the forums:
    This fix addresses the following problems that have been reported on the forums and internally:

    ID Summary
    904 Taglib resolution from included files is not working if absolute path from web root
    945 Structured editors should be allowed to open content from Jars
    958 NPE (non-user affecting) when locating taglibs
    960 SQLEditor throws exception when invoked with SQLEditorInput
    962 Turning off JSP Validation does not survive workbench restart
    965 Internet Tools Preference pages sho %prompt when not started with -clean
    966 XML Catalog Preference Page Error when started without -clean
    967 Dependent EJB project – referencing java class in JSP
    970 Generated Composite key class has invalid equals() impl
    971 Update JBoss 3 connector defaults to use “xerces” instead…
    975 Allow SQLEditor to open files from “Open External File…”
    977 NPE on copy and paste of entire web project
    978 XSD Editor Open External or Jar Entry File Error

    The QuickFix is located at:

    To install it, exit Eclipse and unzip the quick fix archive directly into <myeclipse-inst-dir>/eclipse/plugins. You should choose to overwrite files, when prompted. Please note, the quickfix contains only the subsets of several plugins that changed, not the complete plugin so please don’t choose an extraction method that overwrites the entire plugin directory. On Windows, simply unzipping with WinZip or using the XP file explorer to copy the folders into the plugins directory will “do the right thing”.

    Once the quickfix is installed, start eclipse with -clean command line option to insure installation of the new jars. To verify the installation, open Window > Preferences > MyEclipse and you should see a version of number of: “3.8.1+QF20040825”.

    For those with dialup access, we’ve done our best to minimize the distribution size by only providing plugin subsets. The archive file is only 2,492,055 bytes for your downloading convenience.


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    Scott Anderson

    This is just a quick reply so this thread will show up as unread again, since the text has been modified to point to a new quickfix.

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    I Installed this quick fix and I am still experiencing issues:
    1. The ability to override validation preferences within Project->Properties->MyEclipse-Validation gets reset when I restart eclipse.

    2. The Structured Document and Model Builder as well as the Validation Builder cannot be disabled. If I try, after I restart a duplicate builder is created and enabled while the old one remains disabled.


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    Scott Anderson

    1) Was addressed in the quickfix, so it may not have been installed correctly. Please check the Window > Preferences > MyEclipse page to check the version number.
    2) Is still an outstanding issue to make these optional.

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    I have looked into the issue more and I suppose this is a similar bug but not specifically the bug that was fixed in this hot fix (which is installed properly thank you [Version: 3.8.1+QF20040824]).

    If you go to Project->Properties->MyEclipse-Validation and choose to Override validation preferences and then click OK. These settings do indeed persist and survive restarts of Eclipse. The problem is, if you go into Project->Properties->Builders and make any modifications to any builders the MyEclipse-Validatin settings are automagically discarded.

    Sorry I didn’t realize that it was a slightly different issue before.

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    Scott Anderson

    While you can’t currently remove the builders, you can turn off validation globally, if you like, at Window > Preferences > MyEclipse > Validation. Changing the builders into an optional, opt-in, style for non-MyEclipse projects will be looked at for 3.8.2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I would just like to register my vote to make these builders optional as well. MyEclipse is a great tool, but if it begins to preclude the use of any Eclipse features independently from MyEclipse, it loses its appeal.

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    Scott Anderson

    We’re working on it. It’s still a high-priority enhancement that we’re hoping to get into 3.8.2,

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    Dan Greening

    I have about 10 projects open in Eclipse, and I’ve found that MyEclipse 3.8.1 is adding a huge overhead with the Structured Document and Model Builder.

    It is so bad I think I’m going to have to uninstall MyEclipse until this is fixed. 🙁

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    If any your project don’t use me then You remove me builders, but me is big software

    great editors – jsp,xml,xsd,dtd,css …

    web project development adn deployment
    database explorer

    and it is huge

    You haven’t to unistall me, you can move me builders or disable validation

    If You don’t need all ME features then it is anotehr thing


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    I am in my trial period for MyEclipse version 3.8.4 and have just started having troubles with my build when I added Web Project capabilities. The build is now taking a long time as it keeps adding the Validation Builder and Structured Document and Model Builder. I keep turning it off and removing it from the .project file but everytime I rerun the build they return. I read that this was an earlier problem (http://www.myeclipseide.com/PNphpBB2+file-viewtopic-t-3517-highlight-validation+structured+document.html) Is there anything I can do to turn it off?


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    Riyad Kalla

    The builders have to be added to Web Projects, MyEclipse relies on them to perform certain calculations for it to handle the project correctly.

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