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    With versions of Ubuntu that have the Unity desktop (e.g. 11.04 up), certain applications (including MyEclipse) have problems integrating their menu bars with the Unity global menu bar, which is always present at the top of the screen, displaying the menu bar of the currently active window.

    This problem exists in eclipse, also (see this bug). There are two ways to address this issue, currently:

    1. Log in with the Ubuntu classic desktop or another desktop environment which isn’t the default Ubuntu desktop. This will affect all application windows and the desktop, which will operate in the classic desktop way.
    2. Start MyEclipse from a launcher or terminal, using the following command:
      UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= <MyEclipse installation directory>/myeclipse
      Note that there must be a space between the “=” and the myeclipse invocation string. The executable name may be different depending on the MyEclipse version that you’ve installed. When setting up a launcher, you’ll need to have the command as a parameter of a sh invocation:

      sh -c "UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= <MyEclipse installation directory>/myeclipse"

      If there are spaces in the path to the MyEclipse executable, precede each with a backslash.

      This works with the bash and dash shells but may not work with other shells. Note that Basically, you have to set UBUNTU_MENUPROXY to null before starting MyEclipse. There are other ways to do this, such as setting the entry in your .profile file

      This will allow you to use the Unity desktop (the default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04) though the MyEclipse menu will appear in the MyEclipse window, not on the global menu bar.

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