Troubleshooting CodeMix 2 (READ FIRST)

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    Brian Fernandes

    1) Is my CodeMix Engine running? (and what does it do)

    Bottom-left you will see CodeMix, with an icon next to it. The engine inside CodeMix is responsible for the majority of key functions available in CodeMix, from editing & validation, to tasks and Terminals. If you hover over the icon next to CodeMix in the status bar, it will tell you the status. It should be a blue checkmark indicating the engine is up and running.

    2) Why is my JavaScript code getting validated strictly?

    By default, CodeMix 2 has advanced JavaScript validation turned on. This is to have the most advanced checking of your code possible to help detect any errors in development, similar to what you might get when working with TypeScript. If your project is not compatible with this approach, at the Preferences > CodeMix > Workspace Settings, you can change the javascript.implicitProjectConfig.checkJs value to false.

    3) Why do I get error and warning markers in JavaScript editors even when I turn it off under CodeMix > Languages > Project Validation?

    CodeMix has two levels of validation, project-level and in-editor. This is optimized for modern web where often running project-level validation can be quite expensive given the less structure approach of web languages. The in-editor validation can use all Code Extensions installed to provide advanced validation as you are typing. To learn more about CodeMix validation, read https://www.genuitec.com/docs/assembly/build-pipelines/

    4) Can I turning off Code Mining for TS and JS?

    Yes, you have control inside Preferences > CodeMix > Workspace Settings over which (or any) Code Mining shows up. By default, there are three CodeLens contributors on by default (Code terminology):


    5) CodeMix 2 is not working right, what can I send to get help?

    The two most helpful data to send with any problem reports include the status of the CodeMix Engine as indicated bottom-left in the status bar, see the first question above, as well as the Error Log for your workspace. The error log can be found in <workspace>/.metadata/.log or exported from the Error Log view in Eclipse, if your IDE has it available. In addition, including information about the languages and any custom extensions you have installed is a great assistance.

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