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    Brian Fernandes

    If you’re experiencing sluggish typing, delays during content assist and navigation, or the IDE hanging and going into a non responsive state for extended periods of time, please read on for possible solutions:

    1) Disable the TypeScript Hero extension

    Go to Help > CodeMix Extensions, and find the TypeScript Hero extension in the list of extensions in the right column. Simply uncheck the box next to the extension to disable it. Reload the CodeMix engine using the icon at the top of the extension list, or restart the IDE post this change to ensure it takes effect.

    While newer installations of CodeMix will not install this extension by default, earlier installations may still have this installed and active. This extension’s performance has been shown to degrade with time, and result in sever performance problems as described above.

    2) Contact the CodeMix team on Live Chat

    Go to Help > CodeMix > Live Chat to start a chat with one of our engineers when you are experiencing performance issues. With the additional diagnostic tools available as part of Live Chat, we would be able to better identify the source of your issues.

    Developing with CodeMix is normally a highly productive experience, if you experience any slowdowns, please hit us up here or let us know in the forums, we’ll be happy to assist.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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