trying to renew my license…

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    I was notified that my CodeMix license is set to expire in 29 days.
    I went to https://www.genuitec.com in order to pay for another year.
    All attempt to login were met with a page informing me that “your access to this site has been temporarily limited by the site owner”. No idea why.
    Out of desperation, I decided to sign up with a different email address and pay that way.
    That worked (even if the confirmation page shows 504 gateway timeout…)
    But…. I now have a completely new account. I’ve received no code or instructions on how to reconfigure Eclipse to use this new account.
    What now???

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    Brian Fernandes

    I’m asking our portal teams to look into all the issues you’ve run into – sorry about that. If you could send me a private message here (or write to support@genuitec.com ATTN Brian) with the email addresses of both your old and new accounts, I can take a look at their current status and validity.

    Also, as far as using your new account in CodeMix, you use the license dialog to Log out of your current account. Then log in again, but this time use your new email address and password – the updated license will be automatically downloaded. Since you still have 29 days on the current account, you can wait awhile while we confirm the status of both accounts – we can also take a look at transferring the license to your existing account to make things easier.

    Again, sorry for the trouble.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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