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    A few minor problems with the UML modeler:

    1. On a dual monitor setup with Eclipse in the secondary monitor, when you mouse over the toolbar buttons for the model, outline, or properties views the tooltips show up on the edge of the primary window.

    2. When you click the “Configure Perspectives” button in the outline view, the dialog pops up seemingly centered at the (0, 0) coordinate. I can move it (Alt+Space, M); but when reopening it, it still opens at that location.

    3. When modifying a class in the class diagram editor, the property/method names are too small and hard to read.

    4. When selecting the name of an item (tested with classes and packages) and pressing Del, the item is deleted when expecting to delete just the text.

    5. I closed and reopened the UMR file and 2 new classes and a new package were shown, but could not be deleted. In trying to delete them, I ended up deleting the entire diagram somehow. I don’t know how that happened, tho because focus was in the editor.

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    I’ve been having problems posting this. I keep getting an error…

    You don’t have permission to access /index.php on this server.

    Anyway, here’re my feature requests for the modeler…

    1. When pressing “Enter” on a property or method, a new item should appear with cursor focus below it. This will allow for quicker access.

    2. There need to be 2 ways to delete an item: delete (or remove) from the model and/or repository. From the model, Delete should remove the item from the model; however, from the outline, it should remove it from the repository. You could also use Ctrl+D to remove it from the repository when it’s in focus in the modeler. This is basically how IBM Rational Rose works, from what I remember.

    3. When you click on the package icon in the properties view, cursor focus should go to the “Name” field to allow typing a new name. This should be the same for the datatype and stereotype icons as well.

    4. I’d like to have a facility to either link to other .UMR files or import them; preferably both options. We have a few projects that are shared by multiple teams, so importing/linking to those models would be helpful so we don’t have to recreate classes.

    5. Sequence diagrams.

    6. Auto arrange for all diagrams.

    I’d play with it more, but I’m not too hip on how the modeler works. I think the UI is hard to work with and less than intuitive. Honestly, I’d rather use Rose and I hate Rose. This is a step in the right direction, but I see too many problems to become very efficient. If updates to this came quicker, I’d be more apt to using it; but as-is, I see too many problems

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    Scott Anderson

    Thanks for the suggestions for improvement!

    You don’t have permission to access /index.php on this server.

    That’s likely because the text of your post contained ‘delete’ followed by ‘from’ or ‘create’ followed by ‘table’. We run filters to protect from SQL injection exploits and sometimes they trip on things like this by mistake. Sorry for that.

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    @support-scott wrote:

    That’s likely because the text of your post contained ‘delete’ followed by ‘from’ or ‘create’ followed by ‘table’.

    That’s what it was. I reworded it to get it to actually work, but had no idea what was going on. Perhaps you might consider changing that error to be a little more explanatory.

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