Unwanted Gapdebug-Additions in my xhtml

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    Holger Linge


    Running myEclipse 2016 CI 7

    I just checked out one of my projects, deployed, and getting warnings about invalid xhtml. I found these strange additions, only in the deployed/filtered code:

    <script>”undefined”==typeof CODE_LIVE&&(!function(e){var t={nonSecure:”8123″,secure:”8124″},c={nonSecure:”http://”,secure:”https://”},r={nonSecure:”″,secure:”gapdebug.local.genuitec.com”},n=”https:”===window.location.protocol?”secure”:”nonSecure”;script=e.createElement(“script”),script.type=”text/javascript”,script.async=!0,script.src=c[n]+r[n]+”:”+t[n]+”/codelive-assets/bundle.js”,e.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0].appendChild(script)}(document),CODE_LIVE=!0);</script></head>


    data-genuitec-lp-enabled=”false” data-genuitec-file-id=”wc1-96″ data-genuitec-path=”/kaloform-webapp/src/main/webapp/templates/common.xhtml”


    I don’t have gapdebug installed, so why’s that stuff generated into my code?


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    The script gets injected into the deployed files like JSP,HTML, XHTML,CSS for use by CodeLive to enhance the deployed files and to be able to enable Live Preview feature for those files. The script is only generated when the CodeLive is enabled on the server/deployment.

    The reference to http://gapdebug.local.genuitec.com/ is a service we use for websocket and is not running the Gap Debug tooling (mobile app debugger). It looks like we have reused the name gapdebug for some certificates and is no way related to the Gap Debug tool.

    You can turn off CodeLive from the Servers view to stop injecting the script into your files during deployment. Turning off CodeLive will trigger a new deployment and the scripts will no longer be injected.

    Please refer to this tutorial for more information about CodeLive : https://www.genuitec.com/products/webclipse/learning-center/using-live-preview/

    For instructions on turning the CodeLive on/off, please refer to section ‘1.1 Turning CodeLive On/Off’ in the above tutorial.

    If you are still seeing issues with XHTML files even after turning off CodeLive, then please let us know what exact errors are being reported for those files to help us investigate further.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused. Please let us know how it works for you.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Your answer is right. Thanks Swapna.

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