Update: iTunes – Feb-1 ios7 requirements

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    Update (Feb 4)
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    We continue to update the App Center Builder services today to be incompliance with the itunes feb-1 ios7 requirements. The changes implemented yesterday are partially completed.

    1) We are fixing an issue now with ios apps that are failing when launched in landscape mode. This is most prominent on ipads but affects some iphone apps as well.

    2) We are eliminating former options and capabilities that have been in place for sometime due to the apple requirements. One of the changes you will notice is widgets such as the Select List Menu and the Combo will now use the native iOS spinner going forward. Thus on ios7 the new flat white themed spinner will be presented. And on ios6 apps the former dark themed spinner will be presented.

    We will provide more updates asap.


    This afternoon (Feb 3) we updated the MobiOne App Center Builder for the Cordova 2.9, 2.9.1 and 3.2 experimental runtime environments to be in compliance with the iTunes Feb-1 requirement that all new and updated apps must be optimized for iOS7. If you experienced an iTunes Connect rejection please rebuild the app using Cordova 2.9[.1] and upload it again. The updates are hot out of development and passed a preliminary round of testing. We will continue testing and provide additional updates asap.

    We had been preparing for the Feb-1 iTunes restrictions for some time with frequent reviews and test cycles right up to last Friday (Jan 31). But Murphy’s law raised its ugly head this past weekend and we discovered that our best prep was insufficient to meet the new iTunes requirements. This resulted in some user’s apps being rejected when they uploaded the app to iTunes Connect. How did our testing fail us? In a nutshell our build environment was fully in compliance but we got bit by our own cleverness. We have been exploiting a couple of optimizations we discovered over time in our build process that have served us well. These optimizations triggered the recently updated iTunes Connect to reject such apps. Bummer, in this situation no amount of testing would have identified this situation prior to the itunes upgrade. So we kicked into emergency mode, unwound the code and reimplemented it today.

    If any of you have worked with the cryptic error messages from itunes connect you’ll know that isolating and resolving certain kinds of issues can be challenging due to the often cryptic and uninformative error messages it sometimes provides. It was not immediately obvious where exactly the issue was in early error reports. At first we wondered if it was a new issue with some users using out of date application loader. Previously we have burned a lot of time chasing phantom bugs due to user’s environments being out of date. So our standard process kicked in instructing those users to ensure they are fully up to date. Apologies guys. Simultaneously we also always task someone to rerun our tests in the background (its expensive when users report problems that reside on their side). That is when we confirmed that itunes was rejecting apps that wholly conformed to the guidelines but as we have shared included an additional hack that itunes balked at.

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