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    Scott Anderson

    These are special instructions for using the MyEclipse update site to upgrade from MyEclipse 3.8.0 to 3.8.1. If you have a release of MyEclipse prior to 3.8.0 GA installed, please do not use the update site. Instead, use one of the downloadable platform-specific installers or the manual installation distribution. The update site is specifically built for upgrading only from 3.8.0 GA to 3.8.1.

    The reason we’re providing a unique update site rather than using our default one is that we needed you to read and follow these specific instructions to work around a couple of bugs in the Eclipse platform update mechanism, specifically (Eclipse Bugs #70783/70176).
    If you do not follow these instructions, you run a serious risk that the update will not be configured properly.

    Here are the update steps:

    First, you need to specify the update site manually by navigating to
    Help > Software Updates… > “Search for new updates to install” > “New Remote Site…”
    Enter a name you like (ie. MyEclipse 3.8.1 Update Site) with a URL of
    http://www.myeclipseide.com/products/eworkbench/updates-3.8.0to3.8.1 and select “OK”
    Check the new update site entry that is created and once Eclipse queries it and refreshes, select Next.
    On the next wizard panel, select the line for MyEclipse 3.8.1 and select Next.
    On the next wizard panel, select the terms of the license agreement and select Next.
    On the final panel select Finish and then Install when you’re advised that the feature is not signed.

    Once the installation completes, you’ll be presented with a dialog asking you if you want to restart.
    Select *No*.
    Once the dialog closes, immediately exit Eclipse.
    In order to work around the Eclipse update bug referenced above, you now need to start Eclipse with the
    -clean option. You can do this by modifying the alias you normally use to start Eclipse and passing it the commandline argument -clean. An example for a default Windows installation is shown below:

    "C:\Program Files\eclipse-3.0\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -clean

    When Eclipse restarts, MyEclipse 3.8.1 will be successfully installed. You can verify its presence by selecting Help > About Eclipse and then clicking on the MyEclipse icon to display the features installed.

    If for some reason you let Eclipse restart itself rather than selecting “No” as instructed, simply exit the workbench, delete the log file at <workspace-location>/.metadata/.log and restart with
    the -clean option to correct the installation.

    We apologize for not being able to use our normal update site, but testing of it proved that these steps were needed in order to work around the Eclipse update bug and ensure a proper installation.

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    could you please link those eclipse bugs? don’t have time at the moment, but I think others would also be interested in it

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    Scott Anderson
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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