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    Brian Fernandes

    At Genuitec, we recently released a new product, CodeMix, an Eclipse plugin that brings VS Code smarts, and Code OSS extensions, to Eclipse. Right now, whether you’re using MyEclipse, Angular IDE or Webclipse, CodeMix gives you a better development experience for existing tech like HTML, CSS, JS and Angular, and it also supports new technologies, like Vue and React among dozens of others.

    Existing Tech Improvements

    This is how CodeMix improves on capabilities already present in our tooling:

    • Improved support for the HTML5 spec
    • Adds validation
    • CSS class content assist
    • Emmet abbreviations & commands
    • Dozens of snippets
    • Superior & configurable formatting

    See this document for more details.

    • Improved support for the CSS3 spec
    • Adds validation
    • Emmet abbreviations & commands
    • Supports CSS variables
    • Targeted element preview
    • Sass and LESS support

    See this document for more details.

    • Improved support for the ES6 spec
    • IntelliSense is better configured out of the box
    • Superb JSON support
    • Debugging for Node, Webpack, etc.

    See this document for more details.

    Angular & TypeScript
    • Full support for TypeScript 2.6 & 2.7
    • Plethora of Angular snippets
    • Better support for Angular 6 – new attributes, snippets, settings, etc.
    • Respects tool configurations and versions that are part of your project


    CodeMix is currently in technical preview; CodeMix 2.0 is scheduled to be released next month, and will add a number of additional features over what is available now. Upcoming major releases of MyEclipse and Angular IDE will include CodeMix; the next generation of Webclipse will be CodeMix. Stay tuned for more information on this front.

    In the meanwhile, CodeMix can be installed into MyEclipse 2017, Angular IDE, and can also be installed into Eclipse Neon and higher Eclipse versions, alongside Webclipse if desired.

    It can be used for free within MyEclipse 2017 Pro or higher, and in Angular IDE or Webclipse. It can also be used independently, with your MyEclipse, Angular IDE or Webclipse license. Without a license, CodeMix is free to try for 45 days. See this page for more information.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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