? Version: 5.1.1 GA = No Matisse4MyEclipse ?

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    Version: 5.1.1 GA Build id: 20070302-5.1.1-GA installed last week and when I returned to show the team the improvements one coworker pointed out that it appears Matisse4MyEclipse did not install when the “new” version of MyEclipse installed as it had when we had 5.0.

    Is there a reason for this, I dont see any mention of it butI havent read every forum yet. 😯

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    Scott Anderson


    It’s still available, and with we even put a bunch of work into it for 5.1.1, but we’ve never shipped it as part of the base install (something about licensing or what not). Anyway, you can install Matisse4MyEclipse directly from our Discovery Site by using Help > Software Updates > Find and install… > Search for new features to install…

    Then select MyEclipse Disovery Site and you should see Matisse4MyEclipse as one of the options.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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