Web project. Runs on Tomcat but not Jboss! [Closed]

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    ME 383 on 3.0.1 on WinXP sp2.
    Test j2ee servers: Tomcat 5 versus Jboss 4.01
    ME Web project, containing ONE file, either index.html or index.jsp.
    Deploy: To Tomcat: Ok. To JBoss: OK.
    Run: On Tomcat via: http://localhost/1webB/index.jsp, OK.
    Run: On Jboss via http://localhost:8080/1webB/index.jsp *ERROR 404*.

    Both servers are up and running other previous deployed apps ok.

    Also a mention, just by calling the root, even on the Tomcat it gives me the directory listing, with the 1 index.jsp, and runs after clicking on it.

    here is the simple web.xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <web-app version="2.4" 

    After going nuts with jboss on a ejb/war project, I finally reduced it to this simple scenario. What the heck am I missing?


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    Just tested on JBoss 3.26, also the same as 4.0.1. FAILS with same error.

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    And here is the simple war file, as deployed on jboss 3.26.


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    Scott Anderson


    Are there any errors in the JBoss console? If the application didn’t deploy (or did) there should be a message. Also, you’re using a version 2.4 web project. Can you create a duplicat project, but with version 2.3 (specified in the project creation wizard) and see if that behaves differently? I’m unsure if JBoss 4 supports 2.4 and I”m positive that 3.26 does not.

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    There are no errors, and as said, it deploys properly. (The console message is the same as any good deployment.)
    Now, listen to this… These projects’ root name begin with a digit,1. (1webb, 1web, etc.) I tried deleting the web.xml and deploying, and the jboss deployer on the console logged, “web.xml not found, using default settings for webb”. I noticed that the message dropped the ‘1’ from the name. Lo and behold when I try the url …./webb (and not …./1webb) it works! Not only this, but even with a web.xml, even inside the war that begins with a 1, it works with a url sans the 1. Unlike Tomcat which works only with the ‘1’! -For the SAME war-.

    I didn’t try all combinations of research on this, but maybe someone at ME should do some testing and write up a faq.
    As far as I am concerned, you can close out this issue, but others might save quite a bit of anxiety with this little tidbit.

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    Scott Anderson


    Thanks for letting us know. It appears that JBoss simply does not like contexts that begin with a digit. Peculiar to say the least.

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