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    Brian Fernandes

    The prerelease train is made available a few days before the actual planned CI release to allow users hitting key issues to validate the fixes with their own projects. We may make several releases on this stream before the final CI release, based on feedback received and further testing.

    If a fix is available on the prerelease stream, we will add a note to that effect in the thread or in the corresponding support ticket. If you are not hitting blocking issues, we recommend you stay on the regular CI stream; do not make any changes to your install/upgrade flow.

    Switching to the prerelease stream:

    For Webclipse / Angular IDE Users

    1. Shut down your Webclipse or Angular IDE install
    2. Add the following line to the end of the configuration/config.ini file within your IDE installation
    3. Start up the IDE again and choose Help > Webclipse > Check for Updates
    4. Restart after the update is applied

    For DevStyle / Darkest Dark Users

    1. Shut down your Eclipse install
    2. Go to Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites and click Add
    3. Add http://www.genuitec.com/updates/webclipse/prerelease in the Location field, with a suitable name
    4. Ensure you click Apply and Close to exit the preferences dialog
    5. Use Help > Check for Updates to check for updates, you should now see an update that you can apply
    6. Restart after the update is applied

    Note: When the final release is available, users on the prerelease stream will receive that update as well. However, if you leave the config.ini change in, you will likely also receive updates to prereleases of future releases.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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