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    Hi Everyone,

    This forum is your place to share information about your apps and web apps developed using MobiOne and to engage others in discussions about their apps and app development experiences. Some general guidelines for participation on this forum:

    0) Be proud of your work, and show it off here.

    1) Strive for respectful interactions with other community members. Seriously nobody appreciates trolls or generally rude and uncivil behavior. If you cross the line we reserve the right to delete your posts and will ban your access to the forums. In a nutshell be cool, not a dick.

    2) Avoid promotion of competitive products. We won’t censor such posts unless they are just over the top. Example, if you post a giant noisy in-your-face blatant advertisement for 3rd party competitive product, well that is just uncool (see #1) and we will think you suck or worse. Don’t suck.

    3) We are proud of our users. Many of you have built some cool apps and we want to brag about it with you. Unless noted you grant Genuitec the right to reuse information about your app, services and experiences you post on this forum. You must specifically identity in each forum entry you create the individual units of text and attachments that are to be exempt from Genuitec reuse.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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