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    Tell us what sort of workspace / setup / whatever you’d like to see next in SDC!

    We’re always looking to hear what our users want. Thanks 🙂


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    We would like to simply import Launch configuration using Admin interface.


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    Fredrik Lindqvist

    Here are some thoughts:

    Simplify maintanenance of thirdpart libraries. Now I have to manually check all the entries in the list to see if there are any updates. I want SDC to check for updates automatically. Then by the click of a button I can choose to add an update or not.
    The process now: Click to add new version, wait for SDC to download information, choose a new version, click, click, wait for it to download. Repeat process for all libs. We have 15 libs right now.
    Since SDC typically, for us atleast, sees very little daily traffic the downloads and check for new versions could easily be handled during the night. If I dont want to use a specific version, it is discarded.

    To add to the thought of more automation, I don’t want to have to check for updates manually by clicking “Get packs”. I should get a notification in the admin console if there’s an update to packages I have installed.

    I constantly get issues with timeouts when downloading Eclipse plugin packs, sometimes others as well, but mainly this one due to its size. So there should be available a link to the exe-file that I can download in my browser and install on my server. Perhaps there is and I haven’t found it?

    Add possibility to add branding to the portal website that is generated. As beautiful as the SDC/Genuitec logo is, this exposes implementation specific details that will confuse the user. “Secure Delivery Center? I thought this was where I downloaded Eclipse…”

    After the initial setup I typically dont use the admin console unless I have to, so it would be great if SDC could mail me important information. Such as if there are updates to SDC, Eclipse, Plugin pack, or third party libs.

    A larger change, but: Instead of a desktop application, make the admin console webbased and part of the delivery portal.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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