What is future of MobiOne?

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    Since the MobiOne support team is recommending to move to MyEclipse 2015 (a different post in this forum), what is the future of MobiOne?

    The ME 2015 does not have anything close to the user friendly screen design capabilities of MobiOne (it is more hand code level of screen design, even using the “pallette”), so is Genuitec just dropping that capability?

    I purchased the product within the last month expecting it to be current and it only supports PhoneGap 2.9, only experimental support of the PhoneGap 3.2 version, with latest PhoneGap being 3.5.

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    The article you reference is the same one I was referring to in my post, but would still like to hear from someone at MobiOne on if the product I just bought is in fact a dead product.

    As for using ME 2015, in its current state, it is nothing comparable to MobiOne in regards to designing a mobile app. It may have better programming capabilities, but the screen design capabilities it only one step above hand coding a screen set.

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