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    Brian Fernandes

    MyEclipse 2015 is our next major release set for release in mid 2014. We will be releasing an early access (EA) version for public consumption to be followed by a GA release. 2015 EA is due towards the end of May ’14.

    Our REST explorer has been completely rewritten to now work on all OSes and architecures. Explore your own REST web services or those provided by Google, Flickr, etc. It will also have the ability to generate clients for REST services.

    Mobile – PhoneGap
    2015 will include offline build support for both Android and iOS (requires a Mac) along with support for the latest Cordova 3.x release. You can also build using Adobe’s PhoneGap build service.

    We have a number of changes in this department, focusing on an efficient and productive workbench. From views that provide quick contextual actions as well as assistance to cleaner and focused perspectives, our Usability initiative will make you much more productive when using the tool.
    We know MyEclipse has grown significantly over the years and can be overwhelming with hundreds of buttons and actions available, the usability initiative will ensure we have a tool that is easy and keeps you productive.

    Server Modifications
    We’ve rewritten our server support to take advantage of connectors being designed by server providers themselves. In 2015, servers will be much more configurable, and MyEclipse we will be compatible with third party connectors with finer grained deployment updates and control.

    Single Product Distribution
    Std, Pro, Spring, Blue and Bling editions will now be distributed with a single set of installers for all products. Use whatever features you need by adding / removing components and using a corresponding license.

    Besides the above, 2015 will support Java 8 with a large number of miscellaneous enhancements and fixes across the product.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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