[Windows] "CodeMix Engine is starting up" displayed indefinitely

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    Brian Fernandes

    Update: CodeMix and higher have this bug fixed. Please update to pick up the fix.

    If you see the, “CodeMix Engine is starting up”, message stay visible at the top of your editor for more than one minute, you may be affected by a path-length bug that affects Windows systems, specific to the 2019.8.21 release. This status will also be seen if you hover over the CodeMix status icon at the bottom left of your workbench.

    This issue is caused by having Eclipse installed at a path that is too deep, and we are working on releasing a CodeMix update to fix this issue ASAP. If you are affected by this problem, please follow these steps to fix it immediately.

    1) Download the fix. If you are using a 64-bit version of Eclipse, download the 64-bit fix, else get the 32-bit fix.
    Note: Eclipse Photon and more recent versions of Eclipse are 64-bit only. Earlier versions may be 64-bit or 32-bit.
    2) Ensure you have the latest CodeMix update by going to Help > Check for Updates and applying any CodeMix updates, if found.
    3) Shut down Eclipse.
    4) Unzip the fix you downloaded into the plugins folder within your Eclipse installation. There are two files in this fix and they should overwrite files of the same name already in that folder.
    5) Start Eclipse, CodeMix should now function as before.

    If you still experience issues, please hit us up on Live Chat, at Help > CodeMix > Live Chat and we should be able to get you going ASAP.

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