Posted on Feb 19th 2014

The #GeekLove raffle ended this past Friday, and all of our prize winners have either received their winnings or are patiently awaiting their arrival.

IMG_20140219_164717We heard from the XboxOne winner today, Killrat, who came home to a lovely package waiting at the door. She was nice enough to share with us this great picture of her and her brand spanking new console!

Once again, congratulations on your big win, Killrat. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your XboxOne.

As I discovered this week while driving all over Dallas, Texas, those PS4's are still REALLY hard to come by! Our PlayStation 4 winner, MSHill, is still awaiting the arrival of her console, and I will update this blog as soon as she confirms its arrival.

A GINORMOUS thank you to each of our winners and raffle participants for making our raffles a success.

Also, if you've not yet entered our Game of Thrones raffle, you can do so at this link:

We'll be giving away some Valyrian Steel this time!  Now you can suit up with a Loras Tyrell Helmet or a Catspaw blade to to better fight all those dragons and threats against the crown.