Posted on Sep 4th 2013

jelly beanLittle talk has been generated over the recent release of Google Android’s 4.3 OS, why?
The short answer - 4.3 has no big ticket updates. The longer answer - Google has found a way to capitalize on background processes without involving or even relying on OEMs which allows them to get updates directly in the hands of users.Using a behind the scenes “app” called Google Play Services that's in their OS, Android is now able to get its users updates faster and more frequently without having to rely on the slow uptake of new OS’s by phone manufacturers, thus ensuring that all phones stay compatible.

Genuitec, SDC, Software Delivery, License Managment, Private Cloud. Application lifecycle management, ALM.It’s a genius approach really, to create a background process that forces and standardizes users,  and yet seamlessly delivers key updates. In fact, it’s an approach that we here at Genuitec recognize very well, as it is very similar to the capabilities of our Secure Delivery Center (SDC).

SDC is a software management tool which allows administrators to package up updates, tools, and products and roll them out directly to end-users continuously. Much like Google’s restrictions which prohibit OEM’s from being able to modify the capabilities and force non-intrusive updates, SDC allows admins to restrict the movements of its users (developers) to access external plug-ins and updates to ensure cohesion in tooling to prevent broken builds, while forcing updates to different teams at different times.

The ability to get updates in the hands of customers or end-users quickly and efficiently is a worthy cause. Using backend processes which complete this without user interaction ensures customers have access to clean, non-broken builds at all times (and the ability to roll back to stable builds should bug appear). It allows companies, like Google and Genuitec, to focus on the real “meat” of products without interference from outside, less-controllable factors.

If you’re interested in taking the guesswork out of your processes, creating a unified product environment for your development tools, check out SDC. It’s a quick download, a simple set-up that easily saves you and your team time and money. And, it’s yours to try for free for 30-days!