Posted on Nov 3rd 2011

Since we're a company and not a child, we get to wish ourselves a happy birthday. That's the thinking around here. :)

Here's a bit of back story (if we may):  Genuitec is 10 years old. But MyEclipse is 8 years old on its 10th version.  Actually, Genuitec is 14 years old, but was named Working Objects until in 2001, when IBM freed Eclipse as OS and we re-branded as Genuitec to focus on Java tooling.  Have we lost you yet? Hope not.  MyEclipse used to be a series of proprietary plugs-ins for IBM tooling and servers until 2003, when we helped found the Eclipse Foundation - the governing body over Eclipse. From there we re-bundled our plug-ins, added some cool features and brought to life the initial, fledgling MyEclipse versions.  That's the short and sweet history of Genuitec and our involvement with IBM and the Eclipse Foundation.

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Back to MyEclipse, our labor of love.  It's now on version 10 and it is the best it's ever been - arguably the most flexible  IDE on the market.  Trying to steer away from hyperbole and marketing-speak, let us be frank; MyEclipse is really YourEclipse. Since day one, the charter of Genuitec has been to serve developers no matter what. Our MyEclipse forums are vibrant communities whereby you, the developer, tell us what you want and if there's enough interest for that feature, we'll add it in. Simple as that.

Or maybe you're an enterprise, one of the over 16,000 we help, and desperately need MyEclipse to do something better or new. We've got teams just for that, and we'll re-tailor MyEclipse to fit your needs. As developers ourselves and knowing the working world of app development, that's also why you can lock everything down and standardize on one version of MyEclipse for all your development needs. Flexible. That's in our charter too.

So with our 10th version of MyEclipse here's what you requested

1. Maven supported inside and out and everything in-between. Maven everywhere. This means MyEclipse 10.0 supports a flexible project structure, allowing developers to easily import and work with pure Maven projects in MyEclipse and deploy them immediately without requiring any changes. Projects can be structured any way a user likes, and of course, standard Maven JEE structures are supported as well. Genuitec plans to aggressively support Maven in all its future builds of MyEclipse.

2. Built on Eclipse Indigo (version 3.7) for faster project builds.

3. Overhaul of MyEclipse In-workspace deployment with cleaner sharing of workspace profiles so a lead developer can better push out his profile to his team, then In-workspace auto grabs that exact software and the correct version numbers so that teams are synchronized.

And of course, there's much more to come. We hope you enjoy MyEclipse 10 as much as we enjoyed delivering it. Thanks for your continued support.