iOS-8-Logo-2We’re now just 2 weeks from what Apple hails as the “biggest iOS release ever!” And while the rumors of what’s expected to be included have abounded for months, Apple has finally released a preview of the hottest features.

The upcoming iOS 8 has all kinds of goodies for Apple lovers, developers and the Apple-lovin’ Developer!

Here’s our top 5 features:

  1. iCloud Drive - For all our fellow workaholics, the iCloud Drive will help connect you to all your files, presentations, projects, you name it - right from your phone. No more pulling up program sites or individual apps, simply access them from the iCloud Drive. Now you can pick up where you left off on projects as you wait for your cronies at the pub. 
  2. SDK - Hey, what did you expect? We’re a software company of course this made our list! iOS 8 will make some much needed headway in giving App Developers more flexibility into customizing app experiences. With over 4,000 APIs ready to go, you can be sure that we’ll see a whole new stream of productivity and game apps hit the iTunes store in no time.
  3. Health App - This should be pretty interesting - your phone as your ultimate wearable! The new Health apps adds activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, and even the ability to track your medicine. The capabilities of this app go on and on. We’re not totally sold on how accurate it will be, but we can wait to give it a try. 
  4. Contextual Texting - Now when you’re typing iOS 8 will give you predictive text suggestions based on the context of your words. Anyone who’s ever had a DYAC moment, is now throwing their hands up in the air rejoicing. Bad news though, this means your Friday afternoon journeys into the land of horrible autocorrect funnies will be shorter. 
  5. Add Voice to Your Texts - With iOS 8 you can send a text message with verbal awesomeness attached to it. This has comedy gold written all over it! But it’s not without practicality either - imagine how much nicer listening to texted driving directions will be than trying to read those directions while driving. 

Obviously there’s some other pretty cool things coming to iOS 8 that we didn’t mention. You can check out the full feature list from Apple here. If your favorite feature wasn’t mentioned, tweet us! We’d love to hear what you think!


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