Posted on Oct 6th 2009

This is a question best left to a longtime user who recently explored other IDEs for use on his Mac...

Since it doesn't appear that a fix to the Apple JVM issue is "imminent," and I think MyEclipse is the best tool out there, I'm going to use it on my VM Fusion partition on the Mac (Windows XP) for the time being.

I may also purchase a license for XXXX*, but so far, I find that it lacks many of the nice features MyEclipse has (like reverse engineering all the Hibernate files, etc.). Plus their documentation doesn't come close to yours. I didn't find that XXXX* automatically adds import statements and other nice features. I could go on...

This speaks volumes for what we do here at Genuitec and the value MyEclipse brings to developers' lives. We've always focused on the 'real life' tool -- we've never gotten distracted or pulled into the weeds by insanely complex solutions that developers wouldn't utilize on a daily basis.

In the early days of MyEclipse, our founders set the expectation that MyEclipse was always going to be a tool to help developers get stuff done, not make specification writers and academics happy. That's what we've always done, and the proof is in the pudding. Using MyEclipse helps you 'get things done' faster and more effectively than any other tool out there. Period.

All this longtime user noticed when he began to move away were the hours of time he was going to lose by needing to hand-write all the artifacts we generate for him using our standard tools. And that was just at first glance.

We will continue to rock the tool space going forward with 8.x being the strongest MyEclipse offering in history, and we'll continue to fight hard for developers, not pundits.

- Riyad Kalla, MyEclipse Product Manager

* a popular, 'smart' Java tool 5-10x more expensive than MyEclipse