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support-swapna commented 2 years, 6 months ago

User is working with Eclemma code coverage and when the code is run, by default the java editor displays color code for the coverage annotations and the source lines containing executable code get the following color code:

green for fully covered lines,
yellow for partly covered lines (some instructions or branches missed) and
red for lines that have not been executed at all.

With DD themes, light or dark, the editor no longer displays the color code. We need to go to the Preferences > Text Editors > Annotations, select ‘Full Coverage’ annotation type and reset it to a different color for the editor to pick up the changes.

Steps to replicate :

1. Create a Java project with a java class.
2. You will see a dropdown icon in the toolbar for Coverage. Select ‘Coverage as’ and run it.
3. The editor displays the color code for the source code in Classic theme as shown in this screenshot :
4. With a DD theme, no color coding is displayed and we have to reset it again in the Preferences as shown here :

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