MyEclipse Blue 2014 is now available with more built in support for WebSphere developers than ever before.

We've added a connector for the Liberty Profile server, 14 new form-based editors for WebSphere descriptor files, and the included Mobile Tools have received a boost with new REST web services and JQuery Mobile support that is new for the MyEclipse 2014 series.

The Liberty Profile 8.5 connector can be added via a simple click-through and will makes it  easy to provision the features required by your WebSphere applications. This addition of having the connector available to you is the first step in what will be a series of releases dedicated to bring a continued focus on Liberty Profile support for the MyEclipse Blue 2014 workbench.

With regards to our awesome 14 new form-based editors, you will now be able to simply click the WebSphere descriptor file you need and make your edits. This will give you an opportunity for advanced development and will also cut back your need to recall the syntax of specific files.

ME2014_REST_APIThe MyEclipse Blue 2014 workbench includes Genuitec Mobile Tools, giving you the ability to add mobility to your WebSphere applications. With the help of HTML5 and JQuery Mobile support, you'll be able to quickly prototype and develop cross-platform apps for desktop, web, mobile and cloud that are ready for WebSphere consumption. You'll also be able to take advantage of end-to-end development for testing and optimization of tasks, as well as utilize REST web services to simply consume Cloud APIs and instantly expose code for further development.

MyEclipse Blue 2014 can be downloaded using the button below and comes with a complimentary 30-day trial. MyEclipse Blue individual licenses start at $160/yr with licenses for teams starting at $250/year that come with the added benefit of seamless delivery and licensing.

You can learn more about the features and benefits of MyEclipse Blue, an adjunct technology to IBM Rational, on it's new site page here.


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