Posted on Jun 25th 2014

Secure Delivery Center 2014 is now available!

SDC-buttonWhat’s New?
User Assistance. SDC 2014 will unveil a cool new feature allowing users to immediately alert the SDC Admin of system issues through a support bundling feature. Users experiencing any kind of system or plug-in error will be able to quickly auto-compile bundles to be sent directly to their SDC Admin using simple click-throughs. Now users can take advantage of quicker response for issues and eliminate time lost on waiting for support.


Succeed with SDC Program. Let’s face it - even the best gurus can get stumped when incorporating a new product. That’s why Genuitec has put together the Succeed with SDC Program. Now when you have questions about how to integrate internal software into SDC, you need training on new features, or if you’re just need help getting your SDC system configured, you can rely on the Succeed with SDC Program to get you the assistance you need. Current customers and evaluators will each earn one credit towards a one-on-one consultation with our SDC Engineering Team to address any concerns you may have. Learn more about how you can opt-in to success this program, here.


Eclipse 4.4/Luna Support Now Available. SDC is making it easier than ever to roll-out the latest Eclipse release train out to your team. Now you don’t have to be left on the platform waiting for your whole team to adopt the latest update, instead you can grab the pack or update and push it out across your entire team instantly. To learn more about the hottest features in Eclipse 4.4, please visit our Eclipse 4.4/Luna Must Knows Page.

Secure Delivery Center is the easiest way to on-ramp your team to the latest tools and plug-ins while insuring team synchronization across the board. To learn more about what you can do with SDC, or to take advantage of a complimentary 30-day trial, please visit the following link:

If you're new to SDC, you can roll out Eclipse Luna to your team of 25 for free. And if you're part of a larger team, we have special pricing for you as well. For more information, please click the button below.get-sdc2-button