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About Me Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? The reality is, there are still some areas in this world where you are able to become truly free things, without working hard or spending anything. One of these sources of free things is test drive provides. Were you aware you could go to a car dealership, test drive a car, and they'd mail you something free? And it would be totally free, costing you only a little amount of your own time. Heck, sometimes you would not even have to test drive the car! You might be also interested in https://ecodrivingusa.com/how-to-fix-a-leaking-tonneau-cover/ Sound too good to be true? Well, test drive supplies really exist, but they do require a little leg work before you get started. As an example, you cannot simply enter a car dealership randomly and declare,"I'm here for your goodies! What exactly are you going to give me now?" Once you are placed on the proper mailing list for the a variety of auto manufacturers that provide test drive incentives, it is merely a matter of assessing you email or snail mail box to discover the offers. Then, with offer in hand, you pay a visit to the auto dealership that's participating in the deal. In the dealership, be certain to announce that you are not going to be buying a vehicle today, but got the deal in the email and decided to look it over. This way the seller assigned to you does not waste a reverse amount of the time as a hot prospect, but is still accessible to answer queries you may have about the vehicle in question. Most of the time, with this approach, the trader will ask you if you truly want to drive the car, and won't occupy your time, or his, if you don't. After the test drive, or absence thereof, the trader will sign your incentive that you will then mail in the company. In six to eight months, the company will mail or email you your benefit. The worth of those rewards vary, but on average they're roughly $50 each. Occasionally, they are as large as $100, or as low as $25. You can see more at https://www.facebook.com/EcoDrivingUSA Through the years, I've gotten tens of thousands of dollars worth of freebies from these offers. Countless prepaid American Express or VISA/MasterCard gift cards, many gift certificates to various retailers, and all kinds of interesting incentives such as movie cash and dinners at local restaurants. I enjoy doing evaluation drive incentives. They're a fun, occasional hobby. Occasionally I conserve my rewards and use them for gifts for my family. =>>>>>>>>>> Best Tonneau Cover | Top 12 Rated Truck Bed Covers Reviews We often purchase new automobiles, and I always return to the dealers who treated me well when I had an incentive in my hand, instead of those who felt I was a waste of the time. That is exactly what the companies intend when they set these incentives; I am more than happy to oblige them.