Posted on Apr 4th 2013

We are ecstatic to announce that MyEclipse 2013 is now available for download! Click here to view the full Release Notes.

After much anticipation, we are happy to report that not only does MyEclipse 2013 possess a bevy of tooling updates, but also showcases some incredible Mobile Tools!

The new MyEclipse 2013 workbench provides developers with Cross-Platform Mobile Tools designed on the popular Cordova/PhoneGap platform container. MyEclipse 2013 with Mobile Tools puts the power of HTML5 and JQuery in your hands (or any other popular Javascript library) - making you not only a master of code but NOW a master of mobile development without the hassle and headache of learning new coding languages.

With the power of HTML5, you can now add audio, video, and API elements to your projects to create complex web applications for mobile devices (Android, iOs) and across Linux, Mac and PC desktops.  You can even use our HTML5 Visual Designer to design incredible UIs.

Mobile Tools fully supports all Cordova/PhoneGap API's, giving you more freedom of expression. MyEclipse 2013 Mobile Tools also supports JQuery, the most popular JavaScript library in use today. With JQuery, you can enhance your projects via plug-ins and add animations to your designs.

In addition to the awesome Mobile Tool features, MyEclipse 2013 is configured, built and distributed using Genuitec's Secure Delivery Center which provides for simplified adding and removing of different components from MyEclipse, as well as allowance for easy access and installation of software from several Eclipse marketplaces all from within MyEclipse.

MyEclipse 2013 also seeks to make your development a more seamless and less painful process by providing slick new migration and deployment wizards. The Deployment of applications is now transparently handled through the Deployment Assembly Wizard which tells you clearly which modules are out-of-sync and precisely indicates the deployment stages of your projects.

For our MyEclipse Blue users, the MyEclipse 2013 provides better-than-ever before Migration support for RAD projects. The new Migration Wizard allows you to check the status of your projects and utilize our one step process to make RAD projects compatible with your current version of MyEclipse.

Other improvements include  the addition of Web Fragments support from project creation to deployment, expanded Eclipse library support, the inclusion of  WindowBuilder Swing and SWT designers providing a more modern and robust designing environment, embedded Tomcat 7 server, TomEE server, updated embedded Derby server (now 10.9), and the latest 1.6 JDK - 1.6 update 43.

You can download MyEclipse 2013 for Standard, Professional, and Blue editions on our Download Page and gain access to a free 30-day trial. Support for Spring and Bling versions of MyEclipse 2013 will be available in a couple of weeks.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this momentous release of MyEclipse.