Posted on Apr 10th 2013

Spring Cleaning is such a pain in the rear! It's a timely, incredibly involved process where you discover you have things you never knew you had and things you're embarrassed to admit that you STILL have! But inevitably it always ends with a sense of complete and utter satisfaction at all the clutter you've managed to clear out, everything you were able to organize, and for me is typically is accompanied with vows to NEVER try something like “that” again! Getting your Spring Cleaning done is a refreshing feeling of accomplishment, kind of like the euphoria we are feeling over the release of MyEclipse 2013!

MyEclipse 2013 has undergone some Spring Cleaning as well! We've gone through and cleared out some of the clutter, organized it’s capabilities into more user-friendly locations, and enhanced it’s features with mobility. You can view a full list of Delivery Changes in MyEclipse 2013 here.

MyEclipse 2013 is now Clutter-free!

MyEclipse 2013 has been cleared of much of it’s bulk with the removal of the Pulse Team features, the Configuration Center, and the Dashboard. The Pulse Team features, Team Sharing and Team Management options, have been pulled from this release for basic MyEclipse users, thus freeing up more space for some of the other more amazing capabilities of MyEclipse 2013 that you might actually use! For this release and for projected future releases, these functions will only be available in MyEclipse Secure Editions.

If you are needing a way (and many do) to share team profiles and projects or need assistance with license management and tracking, please be sure to check out MyEclipse Secure Edition which is supported by Secure Delivery Center (SDC).

Based on the feedback we've received from our users (that’s you!), we've lighted MyEclipse with the removal of the Configuration Center and the Dashboard, which by most accounts were not needed in the lesser versions of MyEclipse.

MyEclipse 2013 is now more intuitively organized!

Instead of having 2 separate locations from where you conquer your development world, we've simply added them to the Help tab where folks indicated they were looking for them anyway. Now from the Help tab you can Choose Components, Add items from Catalogs or Sites, Check for Updates, and access a wealth of Tips and Tricks. In addition, we've spent some time creating Icons to help you pinpoint various features and capabilities.

Circling back to our MyEclipse Secure users, you will notice the absence of the Pulse Catalog. It’s now the MyEclipse Secure Marketplace which offers the same features of Pulse, but enhances them with drag-n-drop technology as well as provides the benefit access to proprietary marketplaces.

We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements we've made to MyEclipse 2013. Our goal has always been to figure out the best ways we can aid you in your development processes, while taking some of the pain points associated with development out of those processes. We’re really excited about the changes and hope you’ll enjoy the more user-friendly environment of MyEclipse 2013.